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Suffolk-based Chris Lockwood is back with his longest DVD ever Project 20. Chris is a freelance agricultural journalist, author of four books and creator of an extensive list of programmes on farming and agricultural machinery. Enjoy his latest creation!


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Project 20 focuses on farming and contracting with modern classic tractors and machinery in Suffolk during 2019 and 2020. It continues in the spirit of Project 55 but features tractors from a much wider variety of manufacturers including Fendt, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Caterpillar, New Holland and John Deere. These all date, where possible, from before the turn of the millennium. Part One of the series starts off by turning back the clock to September 2019 to a ploughing spectacle of epic proportions involving four articulated giants (Ford FW-30 and FW-60, a Versatile 946 and a John Deere 8850). These were working together with large nine and ten furrow Dowdeswell ploughs, creating a very unique sight and sound.

We then follow the subsequent land work through the year’s incredibly wet autumn and into spring 2020. Some late wheat drilling is followed by typical springtime activities such as top dressing, rolling, seedbed cultivations and drilling spring beans and spring linseed. There is a nod to Project 55 when a John Deere 4455 and 4955 work together to prepare a seedbed for sugar beet. Dry conditions continue as maize and wild bird seed mixtures are sown. An eclectic mix of tractors and plenty of action means Project 20 will appeal to anyone with an interest in classic farm machinery. The story will continue in Part Two.

Enjoy the longest running DVD ever from Anglian Agri, at approx 137 minutes.

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