Tractor With Tanker

This is a toy that will definitely work on the toddler’s farm, every job will be done on time! A tractor with a tanker will provide a lot of fun for a child, dad, grandpa! The set was packed in a nice colorful box with a window. It will be perfect as a gift for a child. We have a wide range of thematic toys related to the farm and field work.

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A toy tractor with a tanker is an essential machine for every small farmer who has his own farm with animals. The tractor will also appeal to the youngest fans of agricultural machinery. The vehicle with the tanker attached looks very professional. Made entirely of plastic, it reflects every detail of a real machine very well. The tractor tanker is detachable, which is a great advantage, especially when the young farmer wants to play with the parts of the set separately. 

The tractor is driven by a Friction power type mechanism, i.e. accelerated by moving the toy on a smooth surface, it goes on its own.

Tractor L 20 x H 10 x W 9 cm – Tanker length 23 x height 10 x width 8 cm 

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